The ITAD ECO Plus Solution

Are you decommissioning IT equipment, network hardware, servers, computers, laptops and company smartphones? Would you consider using an ITAD company that offers a greener, more sustainable, eco-friendly IT asset disposition solution? Our ITAD company helps CEO’s, CIO’s, IT directors, facilities managers and professionals in charge of their company’s IT infrastructure to remove, resell or recycle their retired and obsolete IT hardware and computer devices. The ITAD ECO Plus Solution has been especially designed to help you legally and ethically decommission everything from an office IT network to a full-scale call center. You might not be ready to use our ITAD service today but why not take this moment to subscribe to our ‘once monthly’ notification of freebies & discounts:

ITAD Services

Accepted Computer Hardware

What computer hardware does an ITAD business accept?

The exIT Tech ITAD company is in its 3rd decade of helping businesses, industries and governmental departments to dispose of their decommissioned computers and IT infrastructure.  The most common IT assets our ITAD company retires are office and data center servers. We help to decommission every type of server from rack-mountable, tower, blade & GPU servers from dual-core processors up to 12-core processors and higher.  Our ITAD program also manages the IT asset disposal of more common items such as; PC workstation desktops, laptops, iPads, Android Tablets, smartphones, network hardware and devices.

Our ITAD company splits all decommissioned IT hardware into 4 main classifications, they are as follows:

  1. Recyclable – obsolete, damaged, broken, low value computers.
  2. Harvestable - GPUs / video graphics cards, RAM, cards, etc.
  3. Sellable – refurbished, cleaned IT that’s in good working order.
  4. Liable – equipment that needs to be destroyed (storage drives).

Decommissioning Equipment

How to decommission work computers & IT infrastructure?

After upgrading to newer computers, it can be tempting to just leave the old computers and IT equipment in place. However, failing to decommission IT hardware properly can create more problems than are initially obvious. Most CIO’s, IT directors & IT operations managers will tell you that planning the decommissioning strategy is just as important as planning the new IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, simply discarding old computers and IT hardware isn’t as simple as dumping it in the trash or having it recycled. Nor is decommissioning IT as simple as selling your company’s old servers, computers and laptops.

‘Best practice IT decommissioning’ means paying for a professional ITAD company to provide:

  1. Digital data destruction (overwriting & destroying storage drives).
  2. Audited removal of retired computers & IT equip. for processing.
  3. Recovery of sellable assets or certified recycling of old computers.
  4. Accountability reporting and accreditation (legal proof of disposal).

IT Hardware Removal

Who removes old computers & retired IT Hardware?

As part of our IT asset disposition process our ITAD company offers a nationwide pickup service. Before any retired computer hardware is removed our ITAD operations managers will firstly identify, catalog and create an inventory of your decommissioned computer items. Should you need it, our ITAD team can also help your business by dismantling retired office computer networks and any scale of IT infrastructure. Onsite data storage destruction / hard drive shredding is also available prior to removal. Once all your ‘end-of-life’ IT assets are accounted for and dismantled our ITAD team will proceed to pack, palletize, load & remove the equipment.

In summary, when it comes to removing retired computer IT hardware, we provide the following:

  1. On site inventory cataloging, valuation and data destruction.
  2. Deinstallation and dismantling of rack, network & IT infrastructure.
  3. Packing, palletization and loading computer hardware.
  4. Secure removal to our nearest ITAD processing facilities.

Digital Data Destruction

How to permanently delete digital data from a hard drive?

It is not possible to permanently ‘delete’ any form of digital data from a hard drive.  If you delete a file, folder or photograph all you’ve really done is remove the path to that file.  Even though you’ve managed to delete the path the file still remains hidden on the hard drive.  These ‘deleted’ files can be recovered, which exposes your business to data theft and legal prosecution for failing to adhere to data protection laws.  There may not be a way to permanently ‘delete’ hard drive data but there are methods to permanently erase digital data, files, images, movies and folders.

Our ITAD company is fully HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA, GLBA, GDPR, CCPA, EPA compliant and provides permanent digital data erasure and destruction via the following methods:

  1. Disk wipe, set to the Department of Defense standards.
  2. Degaussing magnetically erases a hard drive or backup tape.
  3. On-site shredding obliterates drives at your business location.
  4. Hard drive destruction is shredding at an ITAD processing facility.

Remarketing Used I.T. Assets

Who buys used I.T. assets and used company computers?

ITAD companies are in the business of helping organizations to dispose of their IT infrastructure.  This is a massive undertaking, employing; IT professionals, logistical equipment and data destruction hardware. Further costs are incurred from the storage and processing of your retired computers and office IT equipment.  Genuine ITAD businesses manage the entire decommissioning process for you, from removal to recycling.  An ITAD provider has to be fully certified, as you know the certification process is extremely costly.  With all these costs in mind, a legitimate ITAD company could hardly afford to buy your decommissioned IT hardware and provide an honest level of service. However, a true ITAD company aims to reduce or cancel out your costs and you may even profit from:

  1. Reselling – computers and equipment with a good market value.
  2. Harvesting – computer components, such as CPUs, RAM and GPUs.
  3. Remarketing – cleaning, refurbishing and selling older computers.
  4. Buyouts – we may offer to buy used hi-value computer equipment

Computer Disposal Regulations

Are there any laws governing the disposal of business computer?

IMPORTANT: It is not commonly known but the RESOURCE CONSERVATION AND RECOVERY ACT, grants the EPA regulatory power to hold a business, its owners and staff accountable for the improper disposal of their computers and computing equipment.  This legal accountability applies even if the business has outsourced the job to a computer recycler.  This computer disposal legislation means that even corporate executives (CEO’s, CIO’s, IT directors, managers and any professional responsible for disposing of a business’s computer systems) can be fined or worse: jailed for improper computer & IT disposal.

Our ITAD ECO Plus service ensures and insurers against legal liabilities, we are:

  1. R2v3 Certified – authorised as a sustainable electronics recycler (SERI).
  2. ISO 14001 – environmentally certified computer disposal company.
  3. HIPPA – compliant with the most stringent digital data protection laws.
  4. EPA Compliant – offering legal IT asset disposition for all our clients.

Recycle Computer E-Waste

Where can you recycle professional computer hardware?

You can recycle professional computer hardware legally, ethically and greenly through the use of the ITAD ECO Plus program.  This fully certified, environmentally friendly, nationwide computer recycling solution ensures professionally used computers and IT hardware is legally recycled, helping your business to achieve a ZERO IT landfill policy.  Furthermore, this eco-friendly IT asset disposal service is equipped to collect any type of computer hardware from any State, County, City or Town in the USA.  In fact, the ITAD company is Global and subsequently able to decommission and recycle IT infrastructures in Canada, Europe and even as far as Australia.

The ITAD ECO Plus computer recycling service covers:

  1. IT network recycling – recycle: routers, hubs, modems and network gear.
  2. Workstation recycling – recycle: desktops, towers and business PCs.
  3. Mobile device recycling – recycle: laptops, Tab & smartphones.
  4. Server recycling – recycle: rack-mountable, tower, blade and GPU servers.

Get A Quote For ITAD Services

How much money does an ITAD company charge?

Whether or not you are looking to recycle, resell or destroy your old IT hardware and computer equipment the below form will generate an approximate valuation and cost.  Simply list the quantity of computer items you wish to sell or recycle then set a location for the logistics calculations and leave the rest to us.  You will receive an email straight away.  Please ensure all your contact information is correct.  Important: your data is protected via SSL certification; we will not share your information with any third party nor will we subscribe you to anything.  Alternatively, you can call our head office or email us directly:   

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The ITAD ECOPlus Solution

Our ITAD company removes, recycles or buys servers, network switches, desktops, laptops & much more.

Hard Drive Digital Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Data Wipe
recycle hard drives and computer storage

Hard Drives

decommissioned data center rack servers servers

Rack Servers

tower server decommissioning disposal and recycling service

Tower Servers

IT network hardware disposal

Network Hardware

sell or recycle company laptops

Company Laptops

office desktop disposal

Desktop Computers

office PC workstations recycling company

PC Workstations

How to decommission business and data center IT hardware.

IT Hardware

ITAD disposal for business iPads and Computer Tabs.

iPad / Tablet PC

Cell and smartphone disposal service - recycle business Andriod and Apple smartphones today.

Company Smartphone

ITAD businesses and computer recycling companies buying or recycling decommissioned server racks and data center equipment.

Server Racks

Buy, sell or recycle used secondhand RAM

Computer Memory (RAM)

ITAD businesses and computer recyclers buying or recycling CPUs


Graphics card disposal - recycling and selling used GPUs

Graphics Cards

recycling Computer Monitors

Computer Monitors


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recycle or sell office and data center decommissioned computer equipment.

The ITAD ECOPlus Solution


Decommissioning data center hardware and equipment

Computer, Server & IT Network Disassembly & Removal

If required, our ITAD network and computer removal engineers will help with the disassembly of your office computer network or your data center IT equipment. During this process each item of retired IT hardware is recorded in our inventory tracking system before being packed and then transported from your location to our secure ITAD facility.

Decommissioning data center hardware and equipment

Digital Data Destruction
Best-In-Class Data Erasure

We help you to assess the level of data destruction required to protect data stored on magnetic drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD), tapes, DVDs, CDs, storage arrays, desktops, laptops, computer tablets and other mobile devices. Whether a hard drive is working or not we usually recommend either a memory wipe, disk degauss, drive crush or shred.

Decommissioning data center hardware and equipment

Removal & Recycling Of Office Computers & IT Hardware

If your business has a number of retired computers, laptops, servers, mobile devices (iPads & PC tablets), company smartphones and network hardware that you need collected and recycled our ITAD company can help you. We provide a nationwide IT asset disposition service that can pick up old computer hardware from any office location in the USA.

Decommissioning data center hardware and equipment

Eco-Friendly Certified Computer & IT Hardware Recycling

Eco-friendly computer hardware disposal and recycling provides benefits in both reducing toxic pollution caused by e-waste dumping and in reducing carbon emissions from computer hardware manufacturing. When you choose our ITAD company to manage the decommissioning of your computer and IT equipment you are making a very real difference.

Decommissioning data center hardware and equipment

Certified Data Center IT Asset Disposition Service

Our ITAD company offers a fully certified IT asset disposition service that is geared especially towards helping data centers recover value from retired servers, network hardware, data center equipment and infrastructure. In addition, our ITAD recycling and data destruction solutions are R2 V3, ISO, NAID, HIPPA compliant and fully insured.

Professional project management for decommissioning data center hardware and office computer equipment

Professional Project Management

Our ITAD team of professionals can help with the management of everything from the decommissioning, data destruction and removal phase to the refurbishment, remarketing, reselling or recycling stage. The ITAD ECO Plus solution also ensures all your legal e-waste and data destruction requirements are fully managed and reported.

Who buys decommissioning data center and office computer hardware and IT equipment

IT Asset Valuation, Remarketing, Reselling & Buyouts

Our ITAD team will help you value, remarket and sell your decommissioned IT assets. Alternatively, we can buy your used computer equipment providing it still holds a market value, then sanitize its data, clean, refurbish and reset to factory default settings for resale either in its entirety or as parts (e.g. motherboard, RAM, graphics and network cards).

ITAD reporting

IT Asset Management Reports & Invoicing

Our ITAD service can provide item by item reporting for all your computer and IT hardware that has been resold, redeployed or recycled by us. ITAD reports prove chain of custody, data destruction and confirm receipt, count and the condition of your retired servers, office PCs, IT hardware, network equipment, laptops and all other mobile devices.

Our Clients Include:

For Sales Call 877-592-6009 or Email

The ITAD ECOPlus Solution


Recycles and sell decommissioned server rack - IT disposal services.

Sell Used Server Racks

Our ITAD business buys used servers and disposes / recycles old server racks and rack hardware? Sell & recycle server racks and rack equipment. MORE INFO.

Recycle and sell used rack servers - places that buy rack servers.

Sell Used Rack Servers

Recycle or sell used Dell servers (e.g.: EMC & PowerEdge), HPE servers (e.g.: Proliant & Blade rack servers), IBM, Inspur, Lenovo & Cisco rack servers. MORE INFO.

Sell decommissioned office server removal recycling and IT disposal service.

Sell Used Tower Servers

We are a eco-friendly disposal business that removes and recycles used office servers? Find out how much a used HPE & DELL server is worth? MORE INFO.

decommissioned IT network hardware removal recycling and disposal service

Sell Used Network Equipment

Recycle or sell used routers, network cards, hubs, bridges, switches, modems and network hardware made by Cisco, HPE Aruba, Juniper, etc. MORE INFO.

Sell retired decommissioned used data center storage drives and arrays.

Sells Used Drive Arrays

Recycle or sell for reuse used storage and disk arrays. Our ITAD company ensures all data is permanently wipe and erase forever before selling used data storage systems. MORE INFO.

Recycle or sell used office computers.

Sell Used Desktops

Sell your company CPUs and business desktop computers. Our ITAD service removes, recycles and will buy used business pcs and office computer equipment. MORE INFO.

We provide a place to either recycle or sell used office pcs.

Sell Used Office PCs

Are you wondering who buys, recycles or where to sell old office PC’s? Our ITAD team are experts in valuing and buying old business computers and office networks. MORE INFO.

Our ITAD company will purchase decommissioned office pcs and network equipment.

Sell Used Business Computers

Our ITAD service removes and recycles business PC hardware and office computer networks? We also help decommission and will purchase business computers such as all-in-one pcs. MORE INFO.

Removal recycling and disposal service for company laptops.

Sell Used Company Laptops

Is your organization aiming to sell its retired corporate laptops or do you want their hard drives removed, destroyed and the laptops properly recycled? We recycle and buy laptops. MORE INFO.

Selling used business pc tablets and iPads

Sell Company Computer Pads

Are you searching for a place or someone who can securely dispose of, recycle or even sell retired mobile devices such as company iPads and work tablet computers? MORE INFO.

Recycle or resell used business smartphones and cell phones.

Sell Old Smartphones

Does your business have boxes of used company smartphones / cellphones that you want to sell or recycle? Our ITAD company recycles and buys most business phones? MORE INFO.

Shred and wipe drives near you.

Shred or Wipe Drives

Our ITAD service will wipe, degauss & shred old storage drives. We offer a certified digital destruction service for computer, server and storage array hard drives. MORE INFO.

Remove and buy old office IT network hardware, servers and computer equipment.

Sell Old Office IT Hardware

Are you searching for a reliable computer hardware recycler or ITAD business to remove, recycle or purchase used office computers and IT equipment securely? MORE INFO.

Who buys used and new RAM?

Sell PC & Server RAM

Our ITAD company buys computer RAM. We purchase second-hand, used and new RAM for computers, laptops and servers. Sell your RAM today. MORE INFO.

ITAD disposal service buying used CPUs

Sell Used CPUs

Sell your used CPUs today. Our ITAD company is a purchaser and recycler of professionally used CPUs. We buy and collect most types of CPU’s. MORE INFO.

recycle computer graphic cards

Sell Used GPUs

The ITAD Eco Plus program can help your business to dispose of its IT junk such as graphics cards (GPUs). We uy and recycle GPUs and GPU servers. MORE INFO.

IT Decommissioning Business

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