ITAD ECO Plus Solution

Eco-Friendly IT Asset Disposition

The ITAD ECO Plus Solution helps every scale of organization to easily decommission their retired servers, desktops, laptop computers, mobile devices and other such IT hardware (click here). If you are about to decommission IT infrastructure, we can help by managing the entire process. The ITAD ECO Plus Solution provides itemized reports, R2v3 and ISO certified computer disposal and cutting-edge digital data destruction. We can buy, sell or recycle used IT assets, and our team of ITAD technicians are qualified to disassemble everything from a hyperscale data center to a local area office computer network. Contact us today for support:

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Our Mission

Over the decades, our ITAD company has witnessed the IT industry go from simple Peer-to-Peer networks, to billions of digital devices, all connecting to a colossal infrastructure of global data centers. In fact, the demand for new computers is still growing exponentially. It’s predicted that by the later part of this decade, there will be over $145.3b worth of new servers being manufactured each year.

When looking at the IT industry from the wider perspective of both manufacturing and usage it is easy to see an immergence of planet changing issues. The IT industry is becoming unparalleled in its consumption of materials and energy. Computer devices and data centers now consume 10% OF THE WORLD'S ELECTRICITY! According to the EPA, electrical power and industry contribute to 49% of all our Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Thankfully, the IT industry is filled with some of our smartest people, who are more than capable of working towards resolving some of the bigger environmental issues. For example, Google and Facebook both run their operations on 100% renewable energy. That said, most the damage and pollution problems are a result of IT hardware manufacturing and IT disposal. The good news is, with your help we can make the beginning and end processes of the IT industry more environmentally sustainable.


In 2022 we launched the ITAD ECO Plus program. ITAD ECO Plus provides a solution for cleanly decommissioning, reselling or recycling used IT assets. Recycling or refurbishing, remarketing and reselling used business computers, company laptops, data center servers and network hardware helps to prevent ewaste pollution and reduces your IT carbon footprint. To learn more, click any of the below titles:

Our ITAD company delivers a fast, affordable and well-organized IT asset disposition and disposal.


You have the power to make a difference, change the way things are done and create a better, greener future.

What services can the ITAD ECO Plus solution provide?

ITAD ECO Plus provides all of the standard ITAD services, such as: disassembly and removal of office computer networks and data center IT infrastructure. Onsite or offsite digital data destruction (i.e.: hard drive wiping or shredding) are also provided as a standard. We will also offer to buy or recycle used servers, desktops, laptops and network equipment. To learn more, click any of the below links:

  1. Decommissioning and removal
  2. Buying or selling of hi-value decommissioned IT assets
  3. Recycling of low value, obsolete or broken computer tech and IT hardware
  4. Digital data destruction for SSD, HDD and Hybrid data storage
  5. Proof of disposal, zero landfill & carbon net neutral policy accreditation

How does ITAD ECO Plus achieve its environmental goals?

The ITAD ECO Plus solution achieves its environmental goals by working to either ensure retired IT equipment is correctly recycled or legally refurbished and resold for extended use. Most ITAD companies are focused on providing ethically sound IT asset disposition and disposal. However, the ITAD ECO Plus initiative has been created to go that one step further. Our aim is to help in the advancement of computer recycling technologies and to help make the IT industry more sustainable over the long-term. We invite you to help us in achieving our goals? You can help by simply inviting us to decommission, remove, recycle or resell your retired IT assets. In exchange we will help validate your company’s; zero-landfill policy, carbon reduction policy and CSR sustainability policy. More information on our primary goals is available by simply clicking on the below corresponding titles:

  1. Reducing ewaste pollution
  2. Reducing the IT carbon footprint
  3. Make IT more sustainable

Reducing eWaste Pollution

The EPA classifies IT hardware awaiting disposal as “toxic ewaste”. This is because modern computers contain deadly chemicals, compounds and materials. In fact, many States have outlawed dumping computer ewaste in landfill sites for fear of water and soil pollution. You’ve also probably heard of computer recyclers selling their unwanted ewaste to highly unethical and extremely unhealthy scrap harvesters in the 3rd world.

The list of computer recyclers and businesses putting ‘money before morals’ and polluting our planet without a care is shocking. The ITAD ECO Plus solution aims to reduce computer waste by fully and ethically recycling or reselling decommissioned IT hardware. These two simple options may not be highly-profitable, but they are legal, ethical and environmentally responsible.

For our latest ITAD prices please email: with your details or CLICK HERE to use our automated online ITAD price calculator.

Reducing the IT Carbon Footprint

Computer manufacturing creates a massive amount of CO2 emissions. For example, just manufacturing 3 new laptops produces roughly a tonne of CO2. By refurbishing and reselling IT assets we reduce the need to manufacture new computers, servers, laptops, etc. Reducing manufacturing ultimately reduces CO2 emissions. For example, if we can refurbish and resell 300 of your company’s decommissioned laptops, your company will manage to prevent 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

It’s really quite brilliant. However, the process is dependent on having ITAD technicians with the ability to recondition used IT assets and an ITAD company with the ability to resell used computers. Thankfully, our ITAD company is both well-staffed, fully certified and has been successfully refurbishing and reselling IT hardware for decades.

For more info about our ITAD services please email: with your details or CLICK HERE to use our automated online ITAD price calculator.

Make IT More Sustainable

Using recycled materials that have been reclaimed from old computers, laptops and servers eliminates the need for mining and reduces the pollution and energy needed for refining. Furthermore, computer recycling processes are becoming cleaner and more efficient every year. In fact, with the exception of the non-conductive substrate materials found in circuit boards, 98% of the materials used in computer hardware can be recycled.

When you choose to recycle, you are really ensuring that the IT industry is on a cleaner path towards achieving a sustainable circular economy. It’s tempting to resell decommissioned servers, desktops and laptops but in truth once these IT assets are resold there is no way of knowing if they will be recycled. That’s why most IT directors and CIOs are choosing to recycle and not resell.

If you are interested in recycling, reselling your decommissioned computers, laptops, servers please and IT hardware please email: or call our headquarters on: 877-592-6009 (EST).

Who Can Use The ITAD ECO Plus Program?

The ITAD ECO Plus solution has been designed to support large administrational centers, customer support centers, call centers, data centers and other enterprises that use large numbers of desktops, laptops and servers.  Our typical clients are listed below (click on the title for more info):

  1. Businesses
  2. Call Center | Contact Center | Tech Support
  3. Data Centers
  4. Educational
  5. Governmental
  6. Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies
  7. Insurance Companies
  8. Legal Firms
  9. Manufacturing Companies
  10. Technology Companies | Telecommunications Companies

What Is The Long-Term Plan For The ITAD ECO Plus Solution?

The ITAD ECO Plus solution is a US owned, all American initiative. Our mission is to help the World to decommission its end-of-life information technology using eco-friendly, ethical, data secure & fully certified methods. We are committed to finding and embracing the very latest computer recycling technologies. We are equally committed to influencing server manufacturers and computer brands towards developing machines that are easier to upgrade and recycle. Computers that are easily upgradable will have longer lifespans and subsequently reduce the need for manufacturing. This in turn reduces the carbon footprint of the IT industry. Furthermore, computers that are easier to recycle, will help to lower the cost of reclaiming materials and make recycling a more popular option within the ITAD sector.

The long-term plan for the ITAD ECO Plus solution is to become a market leader in sustainable IT hardware disposal solutions. We are already supporting large scale data centers and heavy IT users that want to make a difference. We warmly welcome your business or department. Please email for information about becoming an ITAD ECO Plus client. Or CLICK HERE for an online quote.


Our ITAD company removes, recycles or buys servers, network switches, desktops, laptops & much more.

Hard Drive Digital Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Data Wipe
recycle hard drives and computer storage

Hard Drives

decommissioned data center rack servers servers

Rack Servers

tower server decommissioning disposal and recycling service

Tower Servers

IT network hardware disposal

Network Hardware

sell or recycle company laptops

Company Laptops

office desktop disposal

Desktop Computers

office PC workstations recycling company

PC Workstations

How to decommission business and data center IT hardware.

IT Hardware

ITAD disposal for business iPads and Computer Tabs.

iPad / Tablet PC

Cell and smartphone disposal service - recycle business Andriod and Apple smartphones today.

Company Smartphone

ITAD businesses and computer recycling companies buying or recycling decommissioned server racks and data center equipment.

Server Racks

Buy, sell or recycle used secondhand RAM

Computer Memory (RAM)

ITAD businesses and computer recyclers buying or recycling CPUs


Graphics card disposal - recycling and selling used GPUs

Graphics Cards

recycling Computer Monitors

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recycle or sell office and data center decommissioned computer equipment.

The ITAD ECOPlus Solution


Decommissioning data center hardware and equipment

Computer, Server & IT Network Disassembly & Removal

If required, our ITAD network and computer removal engineers will help with the disassembly of your office computer network or your data center IT equipment. During this process each item of retired IT hardware is recorded in our inventory tracking system before being packed and then transported from your location to our secure ITAD facility.

Decommissioning data center hardware and equipment

Digital Data Destruction
Best-In-Class Data Erasure

We help you to assess the level of data destruction required to protect data stored on magnetic drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD), tapes, DVDs, CDs, storage arrays, desktops, laptops, computer tablets and other mobile devices. Whether a hard drive is working or not we usually recommend either a memory wipe, disk degauss, drive crush or shred.

Decommissioning data center hardware and equipment

Removal & Recycling Of Office Computers & IT Hardware

If your business has a number of retired computers, laptops, servers, mobile devices (iPads & PC tablets), company smartphones and network hardware that you need collected and recycled our ITAD company can help you. We provide a nationwide IT asset disposition service that can pick up old computer hardware from any office location in the USA.

Decommissioning data center hardware and equipment

Eco-Friendly Certified Computer & IT Hardware Recycling

Eco-friendly computer hardware disposal and recycling provides benefits in both reducing toxic pollution caused by e-waste dumping and in reducing carbon emissions from computer hardware manufacturing. When you choose our ITAD company to manage the decommissioning of your computer and IT equipment you are making a very real difference.

Decommissioning data center hardware and equipment

Certified Data Center IT Asset Disposition Service

Our ITAD company offers a fully certified IT asset disposition service that is geared especially towards helping data centers recover value from retired servers, network hardware, data center equipment and infrastructure. In addition, our ITAD recycling and data destruction solutions are R2 V3, ISO, NAID, HIPPA compliant and fully insured.

Professional project management for decommissioning data center hardware and office computer equipment

Professional Project Management

Our ITAD team of professionals can help with the management of everything from the decommissioning, data destruction and removal phase to the refurbishment, remarketing, reselling or recycling stage. The ITAD ECO Plus solution also ensures all your legal e-waste and data destruction requirements are fully managed and reported.

Who buys decommissioning data center and office computer hardware and IT equipment

IT Asset Valuation, Remarketing, Reselling & Buyouts

Our ITAD team will help you value, remarket and sell your decommissioned IT assets. Alternatively, we can buy your used computer equipment providing it still holds a market value, then sanitize its data, clean, refurbish and reset to factory default settings for resale either in its entirety or as parts (e.g. motherboard, RAM, graphics and network cards).

ITAD reporting

IT Asset Management Reports & Invoicing

Our ITAD service can provide item by item reporting for all your computer and IT hardware that has been resold, redeployed or recycled by us. ITAD reports prove chain of custody, data destruction and confirm receipt, count and the condition of your retired servers, office PCs, IT hardware, network equipment, laptops and all other mobile devices.

Making A Difference

You have the power to make a difference. Our ITAD company is on a mission to go green! We invite you to help us?

What IT hardware do you want to decommission?

The ITAD ECO Plus  solution provides responsible, legal & ethical IT decommissioning, removal, reselling & recycling.

Decommissioned Server Rack Disposal

Decommission & Remove Server Racks

The ITAD ECO Plus solution is designed to help both data centers and large-scale offices to decommission their retied IT infrastructure. The aim is to provide an increasingly modern method of eco-friendly IT asset disposition and disposal. The service starts with proving a decommissioning and removal service and concludes with either recycling or refurbishing and reselling for continued usage. We can help with decommissioning server racks, cabling & network equipment?

Latest Prices decommission data center and office tech
decommissioned rack servers removal recycling and disposal service

Decommission & Remove Servers

If you are planning to upgrade your data center or office server equipment the ITAD ECO Plus solution can help. This highly focused, IT asset disposition solution aims to provide services that focus on sustainability, CO2 reductions and environmentally responsible disposal. In terms of decommissioning servers, ITAD ECO Plus provides: decommissioning, removal, data destruction, IT asset refurbishment for resell and server recycling. 

Latest Prices decommission data center and office tech
decommissioned IT network hardware removal recycling and disposal service

Decommission & Remove Network Hardware

Our IT asset disposition (ITAD) services include the decommissioning of IT network equipment, such as: hubs, switches, routers, bridges, gateways, modems, repeaters, access points, servers, data storage and backup systems. If you are refreshing your data center tech or office computer networks our IT company can support you throughout the process. We provide dismantlement, HDD destruction, removal, recycling or selling.

Latest Prices decommission data center and office tech
decommissioned data center storage drive removal recycling and data destruction service

Decommission & Remove Data Storage Systems

Are you planning to decommission data storage systems? Our ITAD service provides removal & data destruction for: all-flash and hybrid storage systems, data protection and archive storage, file storage, storage networking and storage enclosures. We work mainly with enterprise data centers, managed services data centers, colocation data centers, cloud data centers, hyperscale data centers and large-scale office IT infrastructures and server-rooms.

Latest Prices decommission data center and office tech
decommissioned office computer removal recycling and disposal service

Decommission & Remove Desktop Computers

Is your organization about to retire its used office desktop computers and workstation PCs? Our ITAD company helps businesses, industries, government departments and the military to dispose of their decommissioned IT hardware and computers. Our ITAD services include decommissioning, removal, data destruction, recycling and reselling for extended usage.

Latest Prices decommission data center and office tech
removal recycling and disposal service for workplace computers and company laptops

Decommission & Remove Company Laptops

The ITAD ECO Plus solution provides, removal, data destruction, recycling or refurbishment for resell options for all decommissioned company laptops. We manly process the following: Dell laptops, Apple MacBooks, Acer laptops, the Lenovo ThinkPad, HP Envy, all Microsoft laptops including the Studio and the Sony VAIO. If your company is planning on upgrading its laptop computers we can help with the decommissioning.

Latest Prices decommission data center and office tech
decommissioned pc tablets and iPads

Decommission & Remove Android Pads & iPads

Our IT asset disposition (ITAD) company is on a mission to make the IT industry more sustainable and less polluting. We predominantly focus on recycling Windows, Chrome and Mac Tablet computers but we can also refurbish old PC Pads for reuse or resell. If you are upgrading, we can help you decommission your old company iPads & Androids. Our services include: a nationwide pick up, Tablet memory wiping & recycling

Latest Prices decommission data center and office tech
recycle or resell used business smartphones

Decommission & Remove Company Smartphones

We provide a smartphone decommissioning service capable of wiping a smartphones memory. We also offer a fully certified reconditioning or recycling service. For more information about decommissioning company smartphones please click the below button:

Latest Prices decommission data center and office tech

Our Clients Include:

For Sales Call 877-592-6009 or Email

The ITAD ECOPlus Solution


Recycles and sell decommissioned server rack - IT disposal services.

Sell Used Server Racks

Our ITAD business buys used servers and disposes / recycles old server racks and rack hardware? Sell & recycle server racks and rack equipment. MORE INFO.

Recycle and sell used rack servers - places that buy rack servers.

Sell Used Rack Servers

Recycle or sell used Dell servers (e.g.: EMC & PowerEdge), HPE servers (e.g.: Proliant & Blade rack servers), IBM, Inspur, Lenovo & Cisco rack servers. MORE INFO.

Sell decommissioned office server removal recycling and IT disposal service.

Sell Used Tower Servers

We are a eco-friendly disposal business that removes and recycles used office servers? Find out how much a used HPE & DELL server is worth? MORE INFO.

decommissioned IT network hardware removal recycling and disposal service

Sell Used Network Equipment

Recycle or sell used routers, network cards, hubs, bridges, switches, modems and network hardware made by Cisco, HPE Aruba, Juniper, etc. MORE INFO.

Sell retired decommissioned used data center storage drives and arrays.

Sells Used Drive Arrays

Recycle or sell for reuse used storage and disk arrays. Our ITAD company ensures all data is permanently wipe and erase forever before selling used data storage systems. MORE INFO.

Recycle or sell used office computers.

Sell Used Desktops

Sell your company CPUs and business desktop computers. Our ITAD service removes, recycles and will buy used business pcs and office computer equipment. MORE INFO.

We provide a place to either recycle or sell used office pcs.

Sell Used Office PCs

Are you wondering who buys, recycles or where to sell old office PC’s? Our ITAD team are experts in valuing and buying old business computers and office networks. MORE INFO.

Our ITAD company will purchase decommissioned office pcs and network equipment.

Sell Used Business Computers

Our ITAD service removes and recycles business PC hardware and office computer networks? We also help decommission and will purchase business computers such as all-in-one pcs. MORE INFO.

Removal recycling and disposal service for company laptops.

Sell Used Company Laptops

Is your organization aiming to sell its retired corporate laptops or do you want their hard drives removed, destroyed and the laptops properly recycled? We recycle and buy laptops. MORE INFO.

Selling used business pc tablets and iPads

Sell Company Computer Pads

Are you searching for a place or someone who can securely dispose of, recycle or even sell retired mobile devices such as company iPads and work tablet computers? MORE INFO.

Recycle or resell used business smartphones and cell phones.

Sell Old Smartphones

Does your business have boxes of used company smartphones / cellphones that you want to sell or recycle? Our ITAD company recycles and buys most business phones? MORE INFO.

Shred and wipe drives near you.

Shred or Wipe Drives

Our ITAD service will wipe, degauss & shred old storage drives. We offer a certified digital destruction service for computer, server and storage array hard drives. MORE INFO.

Remove and buy old office IT network hardware, servers and computer equipment.

Sell Old Office IT Hardware

Are you searching for a reliable computer hardware recycler or ITAD business to remove, recycle or purchase used office computers and IT equipment securely? MORE INFO.

Who buys used and new RAM?

Sell PC & Server RAM

Our ITAD company buys computer RAM. We purchase second-hand, used and new RAM for computers, laptops and servers. Sell your RAM today. MORE INFO.

ITAD disposal service buying used CPUs

Sell Used CPUs

Sell your used CPUs today. Our ITAD company is a purchaser and recycler of professionally used CPUs. We buy and collect most types of CPU’s. MORE INFO.

recycle computer graphic cards

Sell Used GPUs

The ITAD Eco Plus program can help your business to dispose of its IT junk such as graphics cards (GPUs). We uy and recycle GPUs and GPU servers. MORE INFO.

IT Decommissioning Business

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